Nothing compares to the feeling I get when I hear a song that strikes a chord in my heart.  As we prepared to have Sasha with us, I found so many songs that really touched my heart and became our soundtrack.  They had a powerful ability to express the feelings in my heart that I could not find the words for.  Here are my favorites:

  • What Love Really Means” – JJ Heller

    I will love you for you
    Not for what you have done or what you will become
    I will love you for you
    I will give you the love
    The love that you never knew

  • All I Really Want” – Steven Curtis Chapman

    ‘Cause all I really want for Christmas
    Is someone to tuck me in
    Tell me I’ll never be alone
    Someone whose love will never end
    Of all that I could ask for
    Well, there’s just one thing I need
    All I really want for Christmas
    All I really want for Christmas is a family

  • This Christmas” – TobyMac

    Johnny never got his wish on December 25
    That’s what he said when he left the orphanage
    9 years old, but Johnny was an old soul
    Gonna spend his first Christmas in a real home

  • Give This Christmas Away” – Matthew West

    If there’s love in your heart
    Don’t let it stay there
    Give this Christmas away
    And your life will be changed
    By the gifts you receive
    When you give this Christmas away

  • What it Means to be Loved” – Mark Schultz

    And he wants to give her the world
    Wants to hold her hand

    But she’s gonna live every moment until that day comes
    And we’re gonna show her what it means to be loved

  • Meant to Be” – Steven Curtis Chapman

    You were meant to be bringing 
    The gifts that you bring
    And singing the songs
    You’ve been given to sing
    You are perfectly, wonderfully,
    Beautifully meant to be
    You are meant to be

My Absolute Favorite!