People are incredibly resilient.  It’s quite a gift of God’s grace, that we are able to heal, recover, move on, and grow.  Whether it’s a broken toe or a bad grade in algebra, there seems to be a natural recovery process that takes place.  Some recovery takes time and some happens overnight.  Sometimes recovery requires intentional effort and other times it happens without us even noticing.  I feel as though I’m in the middle of recovery, but it’s not one that I desire.

Saying goodbye at O'HareSaying goodbye to Sasha was terribly difficult, and the following few days were as well.  We were prepared from the very beginning and were told leaving the hosted kids at the airport would be the hardest day.  It’ was like a rude awakening to a wonderful dream.  Over his 5 weeks with our family, he had become one of us.  Not just as an extra seat at the dinner table, but equally important, valued, and loved.  Losing him, as a new and very special part of our family, did indeed create an emotional wound. 

The days that followed were the most difficult.  Tears would well up in my eyes at the smallest remembrance of him.  Even my sister told me she cried the first time she saw a Mustang – Sasha’s favorite car – after his return to Ukraine.  But, in the miraculous way God has worked, each day the hurt of the loss seemed to lessen.  The recovery continues every day. 

In that gradual recovery, I am starting to feel the threat to forget, the threat of forgetting about Sasha.  It’s definitely not something that I desire, but the distance in time and space between us has made it inevitable.  I still think of him throughout my day, and I do not want to lose my memories of him.

I’m so grateful that we can stay in touch with him.  We have gotten to write letters,Sasha opening our package at his boarding school send  a package with the New Horizons interview team that visited his boarding school in February, and I have gotten to talk to him on the phone twice.  This past Thursday I got to talk to him, it’s just so great to be able to hear his voice!  He asked about how everything and everyone is doing here. I’m so grateful we can stay in touch.  I just want him to know that we will not forget to remember him.