Here is a glimpse at some of my prayers for our host boy from the weeks before we met him.

3 Nov 2010 – I know You have chosen him for us.  Prepare him for all You are going to do.  Begin Your work in his heart and our whole family’s hearts even now.  Let this not be something forced, but a blessing You have appointed to us.  What an honorable calling!

9 Nov 2010 – What a blessing and honor we have to reach into this orphan boy’s life in an earth shattering way. He’s so much more than a number, statistic, or even a soul to be won.  You have hand chosen him for us.  The realities of his life are more real than we will ever know.  His future is even more grim than we will ever know.  He has a near certain fate to end up in poverty, jail, addicted, homeless, or dead. And 100% alone. This is the life we’re bringing into our own family, what an incredible opportunity, what a blessing! …Please give us the humility to care for Sasha, to feel what he feels, to be willing to go where he is, to speak truth and life and love to him, and to fight for victory in his life.  May we not be limited by our own expectations, excuses, or agendas.  Please give us Your eyes and Your heart."

13 Nov 2010 – He’s not just a number, he’s Your son with a story to be cared for and loved. I love to think about his life… I wonder what he’s doing now… I wonder what he’s thinking… how he’s feeling… I pray that you would give Sasha a peaceful rest. Give him joyful dreams.  It’s likely that he has no idea what’s about to happen exactly 1 month from now. Tug at his heart, let him know there is hope. He is not forgotten and he is not alone.  Please continue to shelter him and protect him until You bring him to us.  Prepare the way in the name of Jesus.

17 Nov 2010 – I am fully believing that You have given us a very special boy. It’s still hard to wrap my head around the fact that he will be getting our letter in 2 weeks and traveling in 3! And he’s out there… somewhere… right now.

4 Dec 2010 This is a huge undertaking. An incredible responsibility. Most of all, it’s about doing your work. By welcoming Sasha in, I am welcoming You.  By caring for Sasha, I am caring for You.  By loving Sasha, I am loving You. By making sacrifices for Sasha, I am making sacrifices for You. Please help me to remember, this is all for You. That is why I’m doing it. That is why I can trust that You see the beginning and the end and You will never forsake Your children.

10 Dec 2010 I want to love You by loving Sasha. Continue to teach me how to love. Whatever Sasha’s doing right now, wherever he is, I pray that You would remove all his fears. May he feel the peace of Your presence. May he know in his heart that there are great things that You have in store for him. Please let him be comfortable with us and feel at home… know that he is a part of our family.  Break down any walls that he may have built up to receive our love AND Yours.  Please just let him not be afraid to be himself and see that he will be loved no matter what.  May he see that he is so valued, his life has meaning, he is important to us and important to the world.  Please help him to realize the plans and purposes for his life.  May his healing be complete. May we see a holy resiliency in him. All because of Your great love for him!