This week, posted an incredible story about the street children in Ukraine.

I know way too many boys that I do not want to end up like this. Take 15 minutes and get a glimpse into their lives, hear their stories, go with them into their world…

Ukraine's lost children - video


I have such a long story. I was born in Russia. When I was three months old, my mother abandoned me at the maternity clinic.  I don’t really want to talk about it. I went from orphanage to orphanage to orphanage. That’s my life so far. Orphanage. Street. Orphanage. Soon my youth will be over.

Of course, my mother never gave me a name.  Strangers named me. Not my mother or father.  I don’t know. Every night at the orphanage from the first to the ninth grade, I would cry at night into the pillow. It was so painful. I saw how some children had parents who came to see them, how they were happy.  I couldn’t imagine such a life for myself. When I did imagine, I cried to myself under the pillow. Honestly, it’s so painful without parents, I wouldn’t want to wish anyone to live without parents.

I’m only thankful to my mum that she gave birth to me. That she didn’t abort me. I’m thankful to my mum that she gave birth to me. I don’t know her circumstance. Maybe she didn’t have any other choice…


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