This is part of an email sent out by New Horizons this week, please join us in prayer!

You have been officially drafted into active duty on behalf of the Lord’s army… (:>)

Not long ago, a dear friend and long time supporter of our orphan hosting program wrote to me asking a really great question! She said she was looking through the hundreds of children we still need Summer host families for, and noticed there were just SO many, and SO many were boys who remain. She asked, "Is there any child who makes you think, ‘If we don’t bring another child this summer, we must find a family for this one!’???"

Thus, I began to pray and felt a need to send this out now… time is fast approaching for our deadline. There are also some very sizable scholarships that have been placed for several children who I (and our interview team) just totally adored! But, YES! there is a group of children I really feel we have been called to bring "if we don’t bring another child this summer"… who would they be? So, I have put together those children: "Summer Children Needing Prayer".

In order to see the full list of photos and bios for ALL children we identified for hosting this summer, please first, go here and fill out a pre hosting application, which will then send you the link and password for all of them.

Please pray for the many boys who we identified. There were 5 "moms" and 1 "dad" on this interview trip and each boy we selected is one that any of us would gladly welcome into our own home (with our own daughters and sons). We personally met and prayed over EVERY one of them.

Between the 6 of us, we personally parent 25 children ranging from age 4 to 26. This includes little girls, special needs children, little boys, older girls, older boys and even some grandkids! Not one boy we met and are offering for hosting concerned us in the least about bringing them into our own families. These children are the ones "If we don’t bring another child this summer, we must find a family for this one!"

For those of you who don’t yet know what New Horizons is all about… I invite you to visit our website

However, in a nutshell, we are a non-denominational, Christian ministry; an international orphan hosting program bringing school age orphaned children from Latvia and Ukraine to stay for 4-5 weeks over Christmas and during the summertime to live with American Christian host families.

Our goals are simple, but many:
1. Introduce them to a functional family life (something many of them may have never experienced first hand)
2. Teach them English (priceless in their society and country to get possible jobs; build self worth)
3. Experience a new culture (builds self-esteem and they feel SPECIAL)
4. Witness the Hands and Feet of Christ (through our host families’ examples)
5. In some cases, reunite siblings who have been separated into different foster homes or orphanages.

Our time is running short, there are only a few weeks left before the deadline for host families to sign up!

Also be praying for Sasha, he still needs a host family!