I can’t believe it, but the 202 kids who are coming to America for the New Horizons summer host program will be here in less than 1 week! Ukraine kids will be here in 3 days and Latvia in 5 days!

For all of you host families, here are a few tips I have in your final days of preparation:

  • Language Lessons
    You might want to spend half an hour reviewing some basic words from the home country of your host child.  Knowing some of the greetings may help put your child at ease when they arrive. 
    Free language lessons online – LiveMocha.com
  • Cultural Groups
    Search online to see if there are any Ukrainian/Latvian/Russian cultural groups nearby.  It would be great to see if they have any festivals happening during the summer or a church you can attend while your child is here.
  • Calendar
    If you haven’t yet made your calendar for your child, I have started a simple one here to share.  You can download it as a Word document and print it or add some of your planned activities to it. 
    Ukraine Calendar
    Latvia Calendar
  • Welcome SignI loved our sign! My family still has it posted in our kitchen!
    Spend a little time on a family activity to make your welcome sign for the airport.  I had lots of fun with mine! Doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just be sure you have their picture on it so they can be sure to find you.
  • Media Contact
    Now’s the time to start contacting your local papers/news stations to see if they’d be interested in sharing your hosting story with the media!
    A simple email like this could work well –
    Looking for a special human interest story for the summer?
    My family (Your Name) of City, State will be having a teenage Latvian/Ukrainian orphan spend the summer with us, for a total of 5 weeks – June 28th to August 2nd. This is a part of a group called New Horizons for Children which will be bringing 202 school aged Eastern European Orphans to spend the summer with families across the country, five of these children will arrive at the Name of Airport airport on June 28th. Please contact us if you would like more info!
  • Airport Info
    Make sure you have all the info you need about arrival, especially time, location the group will be meeting, and cell phone number of the designated airport coordinator.  It may take the kids 1+ hours to get to you after the plane lands, so be prepared to wait.  Make sure you bring your sign, balloons/flowers, camera, and drinks, snacks, blanket, possible barf-bag (ziploc will do) for the ride home. 
  • I’ll be sure to add more tips as I think of them!