This article was featured today on USA Today’s website.  I always pay attention whenever they have articles about international adoption. 

"It’s easy for those countries’ leaders to think it will be popular politically to decry (international adoption) as a modern form of colonialism," Bartholet said. "And it’s easy to think it will be popular to stand up to the United States."

And yet, "to close down a service to children is an inappropriate and damaging response," DiFilipo said. "It’s abusive to the kids that are in the system (waiting) to be adopted, and it’s abusive to the ones who could have found a family and never had the opportunity."

"No one is saying that international adoption is the only or even the primary solution. The solution is in-country," said DiFilipo, whose organization has promoted domestic adoption in Albania, Russia, China and Africa. "But until we get to that point, adoption internationally might be the most viable (alternative)."

Take a look:

“Drop in international adoptions sparks debate”
via: USA Today/The Cincinnati Enquirer