We are the ¢ozza family from the midwest – Father – Jim, Mother – Miriam, Children – Jenelle, Kayla, Bradley.  In the fall of 2010, our eldest daughter, Jenelle, initiated a ‘reverse family missions trip’ for our Christmas season.  She found out about an organization that brings orphans from eastern Europe to stay with Christian host families in America for 5 weeks for the holidays.  Jenelle had a strong desire to share the holidays with a special child, and after God provided the funds, all of the pieces came together.  Jenelle, Jim, and Miriam each individually viewed the listing of 150+ available children and all had one certain boy they felt particularly drawn to – that boy was Sasha, a 14 year old from Ukraine. 

Sasha came and stayed with our family for 5 weeks and shared his very first Christmas with a family.  He had been in his current orphanage for 8 years and shared that he desired to come to America to see what life is like in a ‘real family.’  Though Sasha did not come to America knowing any English, the family loved him and he showed love in return.  He fit right into family life, as a brother and son.  It took no time at all, before he began calling each of us his brother, sister, mother and father.  His departure day was a difficult day with tears for all – including Sasha.  We later found out that he had never felt so happy in his as he did when he was with us in our home.  When we sent him back to Ukraine at his appointed time, we hoped to stay in contact with him and support him as best we could from across the ocean. 

Throughout the summer months, those ambitions changed.  We found out that there was little hope of a successful life for Sasha, once he prepares to leave the orphanage in a few short years.  He truly believed that we were his family and wanted to spend time with us.  We all missed him dearly as well.  The Holy Spirit moved on everyone’s hearts and the thought of adoption which was never previously considered, suddenly became a holy mandate that Jim passionately pursued.  Jenelle had the blessing of visiting Sasha at his orphanage with the New Horizons for Children interview team in September 2011 and had the honor of personally asking Sasha if he would like to permanently become a member of our family.  A huge smile came across his face and he said "yes" without hesitation.  And now we are pursuing adoption wholeheartedly with great anticipation of finally bringing our missing family member home forever.

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