Let the adoption posts begin!

OK, I’m going to let this one stay short and sweet.  Our family is on their way to the blessed road of adopting Sasha, who we hosted for Christmas 2010. 

Our first fundraiser is through AdoptionBug.com.  There is a special store set up for our family, and proceeds from every shirt will go towards adoption costs.  Please check it out and send others!

There are 6 different shirt designs to choose from.  I really believe in this fundraiser, not because it will provide loads of cash, but because it gives you a story to share whenever you wear the shirt.  It’s a great way to spread the word about children in need. 

If you would not like a shirt, but would like to give you may:

  • Stay tuned for later fundraisers that will go directly to the fund.
  • Buy a shirt for someone in our family!
    None of us have any of these yet.  It would be a great gift to receive from someone who wants to show that they are in support of the adoption!
    (5 family members x 6 shirts = 30 chances to give!)

Thank you for supporting us! Stay tuned for more updates!