our puzzle pictureHere we go… ready to kick off our adoption fundraising! 

Our family is working to raise $25,000 for Sasha’s adoption.   A cost that high keeps many families from ever considering adoption… and our family was always one of them.  But everything has changed.  No, we did not suddenly get the money.  God has opened hearts and guided us to take this enormous step of faith all for the sake of one special young man.

This Puzzle Fundraiser has the potential to raise $5,000 towards the total adoption costs.  Here’s how it works:

We have created a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle out of one of our photos from last Christmas – while Sasha was with us for hosting.  It’s going to be great to display in our home someday… but we won’t be able to put the pieces together without your help! 

For every $10 dollars that is donated for this fundraiser, you will be contributing 1 piece to our puzzle.  We will then write your name on the back of the piece to symbolize your partnership in making Sasha a part of our family forever.  When the puzzle is complete we will display it in a double-sided glass frame to show all the people who have helped bring our forever family together.

Your piece to our puzzle can be any size!

  • $10 = 1 piece
  • $50 = 5 pieces
  • $100 = 10 pieces

iCare, a Christian non-profit foundation, has graciously come alongside us to help in handling our raised funds.  All donations can be made online and are tax-deductible.  

To Donate – Follow this link and click the yellow “Donate” button. 
Once you get to the “Review Your Donation” page, please click “Add Special Instruction to Seller” and type “¢ozza Family Adoption”.

Thank you for being a piece to our puzzle to bring Sasha home!

UPDATE: As of 6/10/12 … 397 pieces sponsored 103 to go!