My part of the country has been reeling with football news this week.  Especially with the this past Wednesday being signing day for new college football recruits.  Our neck of the woods has its very own Michael Oher from “Blindside” …Dorial Beckham-Green.  He’s been on many of the recruiters’ lists since he was a high school sophomore. 

What is it that makes me want to mention him?  He’s adopted.  By his high school football coach.  The Beckham family had a long road from being told that they could never have biological children, to this time where they’ve opened their home as a safe place for about 20 kids in need.  They’ve certainly made an impact on these lives!

“Dorial Green-Beckham more than just
a top-rated football recruit”
via: Kansas City Star


In addition, to that big mention of adoption in the news this week, the Super Bowl this weekend is also bringing adoption awareness to churches across the country thanks to . For churches hosting a watch party for the Big Game, they have created a half-time video featuring Super Bowl winning coach and adoptive dad Tony Dungy to advocate for the cause of the fatherless. 

You may not be seeing this at a church, but it’s still a great video to share, especially with this weekend’s news all around football. 


"We won’t rest until every child in America has a home.
We as the church can be the solution, we need to act."