Here’s some information that I send out to all the New Horizons hosting families in our region.  I hope you find some of these resources to be helpful!

English Teaching Resources
Remember to incorporate some sort of English lesson everyday.

  • Live Mocha
    Popular with other host families and free!
  • Oxford Picture Dictionary
    Monolingual – Just English, so it can be used for someone speaking any language.
    Russian – To teach Russian to English speakers or English to Russian speakers.

Translation/Interpretation Suggestions

  • Quick Sheet
    Here’s a link to the quick reference sheet I handed out at the training.  A few basic words in both Latvian and Russian.
  • Google Translate
    Remember to use these substitutions when writing to your host child in English:
    you = thou
    your = thine

    For example, write: “How did thou sleep? Here are thine pajamas.”
    By far, my favorite translation site.  There’s new features everyday! In the entry box, you may type what you want and it will speak it back to you. If you click the little microphone button, you can even speak what you want to say in English into your computer’s microphone! If your child wants to type something to you, just switch the "From" language to Russian/Ukrainian/Latvian and it will give you a small keyboard button in the corner, and their alphabet will appear on the keys.  In the translation results, you can also listen to the translation in Russian and Latvian, but not Ukrainian… as of right now.

Fun Stuff

  • Find a Bible
    Find Bibles and Christian materials in any language.
  • The Jesus Film
    This is the website where you can stream “The Jesus Film” in nearly any language.
  • The Italian
    Great movie about life in E European orphanages, based on a true story!  This could be a good way for your family to prepare for hosting, NOT to watch with the host kids.
  • YouTube Playlist
    Click the link above to see the playlist of some of the videos from training.  Includes Taylor’s story and clips from The Italian.

Media Contact

Now’s the time to start contacting your local papers/news stations to see if they’d be interested in sharing your hosting story with the media!

A simple email like this could work well –

Looking for a special human interest story for the holidays?
My family Your Name of City, State will be having a Latvian/Ukrainian orphan spend the summer with us, for 5 weeks – June##th to August##th. This is a part of a group called New Horizons for Children which will be bringing 183 school aged Eastern European Orphans to spend the summer with families across the country, ### of these children will arrive at the Name of Airport airport on June##th. Please contact us if you would like more info!

Recommended Reads

Here are a few books I would personally highly recommend reading before hosting!

  • Parenting the Hurt Child – From the national leader in attachment & bonding in adoption
  • Adopted for Life – Great book on the meaning of adoption for us as Christians
  • Priceless – Eye-opening novel about the reality of human trafficking in Eastern Europe
  • Infinitely More – Amazing first hand account of an orphan’s life in Russia and how God pursued him and is using him today. A must read!

Hosting Calendars
Here are the downloadable calendars that I mentioned.  You can feel free to save it and edit as you like. Copy and paste from Google Translate to put some planned events in your host child’s native language.
***Please take note that I used the most common arrival and departure dates on the calendars, be sure to confirm your arrival and departure dates and change as needed.

  • Ukraine Calendar – link
  • Latvia Calendar – link

And remember… “Yellow Blue Bus!” (“I love you!”)