June 20, 2012

To all who journeyed with us to bring Sasha Home:

June 13, 2012 was our court date for Sasha’s adoption. At the hearing, along with Jim & I, the assistant director from his orphanage, our facilitator-translator, 2 jurors and a judge, Sasha said “nyet”, (no), to being adopted. Sasha told our facilitator that, “I had changed my mind before they got on the plane”. “I have a girl-friend and friends”.

Needless to say, we were devastated. The thought of him changing his mind never occurred to us. We had been in contact with him for the past 1 ½ yrs and all he wanted was to be adopted, he wanted a family. We called him on Mother’s day and the following Sunday before our departure, and we were still on and he was waiting.

Now the big question was to God. Why had you let us travel so far for an ending like this? You had carried us step by step; from praying about adoption, to providing the money through grants, scholarships and gifts. You kept revealing over and over that we would accomplish this through your strength and not ours.

After this failed adoption, we feel like the Lord’s disciples at the last supper: The Lord knew that in the days to come we, like the disciples, would feel guilty, ashamed, confused, doubting, angry, and disappointed. Yet, the Lord calls us to have communion with him, to speak with him. Then, we are strengthened and given renewed energy to be his faithful people in the world. He has called us to be faithful, not to know the outcomes of what we do.

In the end, what we did, was to extend to Sasha the hand of unconditional love. The judge said no one had ever visited him at the orphanage before we came. We extended our hand of unconditional love to Sasha, to take it to have a better life. Sasha had the choice to take it or reject it. He chose to reject it. Like Christ offers us His hand of unconditional love, to have a better life, we also have the choice to take it or reject it. We pray that someday, when Sasha hears the message of the gospel, of the Lord’s unconditional love for us, he will be able to take the hand of God, because he has known unconditional love from us.

I believe that is why the Lord sent us.

We ask ourselves, “Now what”? The Lord has led us to support a missionary, through prayer and finances, who supports kids like Sasha, who have aged out of the system, yet still need education and guidance. Keep them in your prayers:

Friends of the Mennonite Center in Ukraine (FOMCU)
c/o George Dyck 3675 N Service Road
Beamsville, Ontario, Canada LOR 1B1


The missionary at New Hope is John and Evelyn Wiens

Thank you for partnering with us.

Jim and Miriam Cozza