This has been a great summer for New Horizons for Children’s 20th orphan hosting program! Here are a few numbers to help you get an idea:

  • 140 host families coast-to-coast
  • 183 orphans hosted
  • 103 from Latvia
  • 80 from Ukraine
  • 106 are single children
  • 26 groups of 2 siblings
  • 7 groups of 3 siblings
  • 1 group of 4 siblings!

Each number represents one soul that will be touched this summer! We praise God for all he has done so far.

I wish I could share all the great stories and testimonies from our host families. For a few of them, you can see our July newsletter here.

July 2012 Newsletter

We compiled some photos of the host children from their original photolisting picture and after their time with their host family.  The previous pictures were sad, a forced smile, or empty eyes. So many of the after pictures show children glowing with joy, peace, and freedom to be a child loved by a family. Behind each of these photos is a child with a story of abandonment and a host family who has been transformed by loving their host child. Be blessed by the photos!

One of the boys I prayed for all spring! Click to see more!

We also challenged host families to find a promise from scripture that speaks strongly to them about their host child and take a photo of the host child holding on to that promise written on cardboard. In the coming weeks and months, we will continue to pray these promises of God over these children of God! May they be forever changed by the love of their host families and the truth of God’s Word!

We have learned we are not orphans… We are children of God!