There are 153,000,000 children in the world who have become orphaned by the death of one parent, there are millions more who are called “social orphans” because their living parents cannot/do not care for them. (Source: UNICEF & Christian Alliance for Orphans)

Once orphans reach school age, they are often forgotten and rarely considered for adoption.  In orphanages and foster homes, they live out lives void of childhood bliss, hope, value, and often love.

Orphan hosting gives these orphans opportunities that they have never had …and my never have – the chance to be a child, the chance to be loved by a family, the chance to learn about God’s love.

Host families…
…include host children as a valued member of their family.
…lavish host children with love.
…teach host children how to swim, ride a bike, or bake cookies.
…model godly living and a godly marriage for their host children.
…share stories of hope, wonder, and truth from God’s Word.
…learn new things from their host children.
…rediscover the USA with their host children.
…teach host children English and skills for a successful life.
…share jokes and fun.
…include host children in bedtime prayers.
…give their host children joy and self-confidence like they never had before.
…make memories that will last a lifetime.
…pray continually for their host children.

All it takes is one family to make room for one more child… to take your whole family on an international missions trip that will change the way your family thinks about orphans, other countries, love, and the good news of Christ that is for every soul.

Could you give an orphan 4-5 weeks of your life to give them the experience of a lifetime they may never otherwise have?

New Horizons for Children Orphan Hosting Ministry
is already matching host families with orphans for Christmas 2012. 
Is God calling you to ask what you can do for an orphan?

Orphan Hosting–Will you love me for me?