We got a special little Thanksgiving surprise this week. – messages and a photo of Sasha!

He contacted me and my parents on Facebook earlier this week and it was such a great surprise!  At first it was just a little hello, but then he asked how we are doing, said he and his classes are going well, he misses us, and he loves us all.  It was such a blessing for him to contact us online… for the very first time since my parents left Ukraine!

Then we have other friends who returned to his orphanage this week to adopt a brother and a sister.  I wrote Sasha a long letter and asked them to deliver it along with some little treats. 

The family just got to the orphanage for the first time yesterday and was able to send us a photo of Sasha and a short video of him.  He looks so great, still love his smile so much!  The video is super sweet, you can see it on my Facebook page.

They have not gotten to give him the letter yet, I can’t wait until they do. We hope to make a video for Sasha from our whole family while I’m home for Thanksgiving.

I’m so thankful for this unexpected gift!  We never knew if or when Sasha would show interest in talking with us again.  When he saw the family, he could have avoided them or refused to take photos or talk to them… which I know many kids have done… but he didn’t.  None of us know what is going on in his head or his heart, but I am soooo thankful that God has allowed us to remain in contact with him… and get to see that smile that melts my heart!

I thank my God every time I remember you.
Philipians 1:3 (NIV)

The family saw him again today.  They said he hung out with them a lot of the time they were there! 

I saw Sasha again today! I stopped him and asked him to wait and he did. I had to take off my backpack to get his gift and he waited for me. Then I gave it to him and took a few photos. He said "thank you!" He said that he had talked to you on Facebook. Then, after we went inside, he spent a lot of time just hanging out with us. There was nothing to do but he just sat with us. Danny broke out the iPad and he watched as several kids played it and when Danny asked him, he said that he didn’t want to play. But after about an hour and a half – he finally played a little. He didn’t stay with us the entire time but I’d say at least 80% of the time and we were there for about 2.5 hours. He was very sweet and had a quiet demeanor about him….but you could see he felt pulled. He’d get up and leave a few times when the older boys would come in but he’d end up coming back!

They said he started reading his long letter when he opened the gift, but then took it with him and finished reading it somewhere else. So good to hear that he is hanging out with them!