Where do I even start with this movie…?

For me, it mirrored the entire experience of orphan hosting.  The husband and wife had done all they could to have their own children, and just when they were about to give up on their dream, they dreamt one more time about what their child would have been like. And on that same stormy night, a 10 year old boy mysteriously arrives in their home.

I could go on and on about all of the parallels that can be drawn. Their surprise at getting this already grown child, questions of how to care for him, ill fitting clothing, family and friend’s concern that he could be a problemed child, his naivety & innocence, their great joy in over-preparing for his every need,  his difficulty fitting in with other kids his age, his artistic talent, his honesty, the way he brought joy to the simple things of life, how he inspired his parents, how he touched the lives of everyone who met him, and the short amount of time his young life was able to make all that difference in the lives around him.

I can’t summarize it much better than this quote from the end of the movie:

There are people who want abandoned, neglected, and lonely children more than anything. They will try their hardest and will make some mistakes along the way. But when it is all done out of selfless, unconditional love, there are so many things that are possible.

There are nearly 200 NHFC Christmas host families who are those kinds of people. Right now, they are excitedly awaiting the arrival of their host kids, who will be here in 1 or 3 days. They will do anything for this children. They are prepared for some challenges, but they are even more prepared to love their host children in a way most have never been loved before. And when God is in the mix, nothing is impossible.