“The cold, hard reality is that a child that lacks a provider and protector is the ideal target for traffickers. The vulnerability and need of an orphan makes them the perfect victim, from forced prostitution to slave labor.” – Jedd Medefind, Christian Alliance for Orphans

The global crime of human trafficking is a huge one for any individual to tackle.  What could one person possibly do to make a difference in this politically charged, corruptly hidden, dangerously protected assault on humanity?

I know of one extremely powerful, safe, and relatively affordable way to prevent it – by hosting an orphan.

One child at a time, NHFC host families can change the future of orphans.  Without hosting, orphans feel worthless, hopeless, vulnerable, and often feel as if no one would care if they are alive or what happens to them… which is exactly what makes them prime targets for traffickers.

Once they are hosted, just for 1 month, so much can change for an orphan.  They know there is someone in the world who cares about them.  Host families value them and love them and they begin to see that value in themselves.  They have families who will look out for them, check up on them, connect them with people in their lives who can educate and protect them.  They are inspired with hopes and dreams for their futures!

All it takes is 1 family to host 1 orphan and the cycle of human trafficking is potentially prevented in the future of that child!

This is how the lost get found…

“He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow…”
Deuteronomy 10:18 (NIV)