I’m so thankful to God that we have been able to be in contact with Sasha lately!  He got a new phone and has been able to consistently stay in contact with us over the past 2 weeks. He says he misses us all.

In early December I sent a Christmas package to him, a cool Russian Bible.  I was able to write him a note inside it and highlight a handful of my favorite verses for him.  It took so long to get to Ukraine, I was about to give up and assume it had gotten lost by USPS or customs or the great unknown of Ukraine.  It was finally received by our deliverers at the beginning of February and the local pastor we are connected with was able to give it to Sasha this Wednesday!  He said Sasha said he is doing well and shared these photos with us. 

It’s so great to see his face!

Спосибо за подарок

Pastor John with S and some of the girls there