Sometimes it seems like everywhere I go, everyone I meet, everything I read or see just seems to connect with Ukraine somehow.  It could be perceptual vigilance… I say it’s more God’s doing. 

I keep hearing so much about all Ukraine is doing for their orphans.  And the more I read, the more I come to believe that what God is doing in that country, with the Ukrainian believers there, is really something special.  Out of all the news I hear about global orphan care, Ukraine really seems to be one of the main countries in the world leading the way… they are showing believers around the world how to really care for the fatherless!

A recent article from the Christian Alliance for Orphans titled “Passion for Orphans Continues to Grow in the Ukrainian Church” cites how great this move has been in their country.  Even CBN news did a recent report on all that is happening there – see video. It’s so touching to see how the Holy Spirit is working in so many hearts to change the lives of orphans for His glory.

I’m so touched, blessed, and honored that God has led me to care so deeply for the orphans in this country where He has long been at work. He has gone before us and that means the best is yet to come!

Map of Orphanhood in Ukraine

In some sense, it may seem like this movement in Ukraine is a threat to orphan hosting and families in America.  But the way I see it, we are really working hand-in-hand.  We share the same mission – to reach orphans and share God’s love with them. 

According to the recent statistics, there are 96,000 orphans in Ukraine and 27,000 of those are available for adoption!   In 2011 (most recent data), less than 700 Ukrainian orphans were adopted into the US… and overall there’s been less than 9,000 adopted since 1999. (source: US Department of State) This is all wonderful, but we still have such a long way to go! This is a big job that can’t be done by just one agency or group of people. 

Prayerfully, if we can all work on behalf of the orphans, God will transform a country and his children will be able to experience his love!

«Відкривай уста твої… для захисту всіх сиріт» Пр. 31:8
"Open your mouth … for the protection of all orphans"
Pr. 31:8