So, if you have asked me what I have been up to for the past few weeks, I have probably told you I was crafting… because that’s the truth.  Pretty much every spare moment I’ve been cutting, pasting, painting, nailing something to make it beautiful. 

I haven’t just been crafting for the fun of it, I’ve been creating items to sell at my church’s Spring Market at a women’s rally.  938802_10151584209885861_738576393_oThe Spring Market is for local women to sell hand-crafted items to others attending the event.

When I first heard about the event, I immediately knew I wanted a booth.  Not because I’m a crafter.  I haven’t really made anything before.  But with the opportunity to raise some money for New Horizons for Children and tell people about our ministry, I’d be willing to make just about anything!

So, I thought about it for a whole 12 hours and decided to make things with a map theme.  It not only is very trendy now, but also goes perfectly with our ministry that builds lasting connections with orphans and families who would otherwise be worlds apart. 

Knowing I was doing this for a cause that is so near to my heart, I wanted to be sure to put my heart into everything.  I wanted to make things that people would connect with, that would inspire them, that would cause their spirits to compassion to the people and children from other parts of the globe.   I knew that as I was crafting things, there would be a story behind why people were drawn to the item and what prompted them to purchase it. 

I crafted day and night and came up with over 100 saleable items… ranging from coasters and lamps, to clipboards and bookmarks.  It was so fun to get everything together and sell them with the other local NHFC moms at the church last night.  Some even pitched in with their own items they made.  


My favorite part of the night was just the affirmation that what I had made was more than just crafts.  It was the conversations and connections that people made with the items that made it worthwhile. 

A young college student came by and was so interested in all we had… and believe me, there was a lot to see!  The one she seemed most interested in was a nail and string depiction of Africa with a heart in the middle.  As I was making it, I had wondered, where in Africa do people have their hearts?  I knew that many people adopted from Ethiopia and there are also others who are passionate about missions in Kenya, so I figured someone’s heart would be drawn to this part of the country.  As the girl was reaching for her purse, she said “I have to get this for my friend.”  She went on to explain how her friend had gone on a missions trip to Africa and it completely changed her life.  She said when she returned to the US from her trip, she cried and cried because her heart was so broken for the people she met there and she longed to go back.  Her friend knew she would love this piece to remind her of Africa and the people she loved there. For that friend, I knew it would be more than just a craft.

Then there was a middle aged woman who came by our table, admiring all the things we had to share.  She loved all the different maps and places we featured on our items.  But as soon as she saw the blue “GO” I made with different Central American countries, she just had to have it.  She explained that she really wanted to give it to her business partner.  Her business partner has taken several trips to El Salvador and is in love with the people there.  When she returns from her trips she cries and cries because she longs to return so badly.  This lady knew she had to purchase this item for her because that is where she longs to be and spread the Gospel to the people she loves there so much.  For that business partner, I knew it would be much more than a craft. 

Together, the other host moms and I did not make a ton of money, but we did accomplish a couple of our goals.  We shared with many people about hosting and the dire need for people to love the school age orphans in Eastern Europe and got to share some meaningful items with people and their friends that will connect, inspire, and build compassion in their hearts for people around the world. 

I do have many leftover crafted items leftover from the market. Stay tuned to read how you can have your very own craft… that’s more than just a craft! Winking smile

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord
Colossians 3:23 (NIV)