Ok, so this may be a rare thing for me, but I mean what I say in this title… it’s not some symbol / metaphor / analogy to some deep spiritual concept… I’m really having a sale and everything really must go! 

Back in April, I went on a crafting kick to sell some items at my church’s Spring Market at a women’s event.  It was a great event, but I nearly brought home everything I had taken with me. 

After that, I started an online auction with the items to help fundraise our way to Ukraine.  In the past few weeks, I was able to sell a few more items, but not nearly everything that I have ‘in stock’. 

And now, I am just ready to share it with whoever wants it at whatever price!  In the terms of eBay – the last few weeks you could only get items through ‘bidding’ but starting today all items are ‘buy it now’ and you name your price! 

Like I mentioned in a past post, I didn’t make these just for the sake of making money.  I wanted to make things that people would connect with, that would inspire them, that would cause their spirits to have compassion compassion for the people and children from other parts of the globe.   So, it is still my prayer that people would see an item, and be connected with it or it remind them of someone they know who is from that place, longs to travel to that place, has left a piece of their heart in that part of the world, or brought a piece of their heart home from that part of the world.  Some of the places featured are Africa, India, Springfield MO, Seattle, Minneapolis/St Paul, Philadelphia, Portland, coastal North Carolina, New York City, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, and coastal Florida!

Also, if you did not see, we were given a $500 matching donation for our missions trip!  That means every dollar that is given towards the trip will be matched, up to $500… and anything you purchase from here will be matched as well!  Here’s how:

  1. Just click the photo below to go to the Facebook album
  2. Find the item(s) you want
  3. Name your price in a comment or private message
  4. Just name your price & the donation will be matched by our donor
  5. Give donation and shipping charges
  6. Enjoy your item or share it with someone special!
  7. Your donation will help us get to Ukraine to minister to orphans who have aged-out of the orphanages!


Thank you for your support and prayers!