We have been supported by so many great partners along this journey already!  Lately I have been thinking back to my first post about this trip – Fear of Fundraising.  I had so many fears about why this should not work out… but it has in so many ways! 

I’ve been so blessed by everyone’s willingness to partner with our mission.  It’s so great to get a donation, but in the last few weeks I asked some people what specifically prompted them to give. The answers have been so encouraging to me… just to see how each person’s generosity came from a different place in their heart. 






This is just a little glimpse at the heart behind some of our supporters! We still have several hundred dollars that need to be raised by June 5th! Will you join these friends in helping us get to Ukraine?

You can give easily and securely online –http://fnd.us/c/5W3p3

…and feel free to comment explaining why you give. =)