Well, it has been quite a while since I’ve shared any updates on my blog.  So, I’d like to share some exciting news and ask for some help at the same time –

Laptop2I’m so proud of our Sasha for starting college this week. It’s a huge milestone and most students with his background couldn’t dream of making it this far on their own. I’ve been checking in with him to make sure he had everything he needed before he started on Sept 1. He said he was fine and ready. But today he shared with me that he ran into a problem. He very never comes to us with problems or requests, so I knew it must be significant. He didn’t realize that a lot of his coursework would need to be done online… and without a laptop or money for one, he would be stuck. He came to me pretty desperate because he has no one else to ask for help. When you’re completely on your own, the smallest problem can quickly cause a crisis. Without the help of a family, it could quickly lead to failing grades and dropping out of school or turning to theft or some other quick cash just to try to get by. I’m so proud of him for coming to me for help rather than those other options. Within an hour, God worked out a plan for us with a local ministry that is going to be able to help us find a used device for him.  I’d like to invite anyone and everyone who can help to donate, so that he can get the laptop as soon as possible.

Follow this link to our YouCaring crowdfunding site for info on how to give and more updates – https://www.youcaring.com/sasha-f-428822