Orphan Hosting

Want to know about hosting an orphan?  It’s a very unique opportunity to share the life and love of a "normal" family with school aged children who have never known such a thing.

Our family hosted through the international orphan hosting ministry of New Horizons for Children.  They bring school-aged orphan children from Ukraine and Latvia to America for 4-5 weeks, Christmas time and during the Summer, to share the love of God and the love of a family.  You do not need to be considering adoption to host, just open hearts and arms to welcome in a special child for a short time.  I can attest, it will be life-changing for both the child and you and your family!

Interested in ministering to orphans? Want an international missions opportunity the family can participate in? Willing to love, lead, guide & direct ONE more this summer? Want to introduce an orphan to the grace & knowledge of our Lord? Make room for one more. Open your front door to the Great Commission. Be an orphan’s family for 5 weeks.

Orphan Hosting–Summer 2012

Why Is Hosting Effective Ministry to Orphans?

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