Orphan Hosting–Summer 2012

Want to know about hosting an orphan?  It’s a very unique opportunity to share the life and love of a “normal” family with school aged children who have never known such a thing.

Our family hosted through the international orphan hosting ministry of New Horizons for Children.  They bring school-aged orphan children from Ukraine and Latvia to America for 4-5 weeks, Christmas time and during the Summer, to share the love of God and the love of a family.  You do not need to be considering adoption to host, just open hearts and arms to welcome in a special child for a short time.  I can attest, it will be life-changing for the hosted child, you, and your family!

The New Horizons Interview Team will be traveling to Latvia & Ukraine at the beginning of February to find and select the children who will be chosen for the 2012 Summer hosting program.  If you are interested in hosting, you can start on the first step now, even before we travel, by beginning the Pre-Application on the website. 

Stay tuned for updates on the interview trip and info on the children who will be available!


Interested in ministering to orphans?
Want an international missions opportunity the whole family can participate in?
Willing to love, lead, guide & direct ONE more this Christmas?
Want to introduce an orphan to the grace & knowledge of our Lord?
Make room for one more.
Open your front door to the Great Commission.
Be an orphan’s family for 5 weeks.

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