Written by my mom about all she has learned from her New Year’s Resolution in the last year.

I know it is not New Year’s yet, but I would like to post my New Year’s resolution from last year because it has to do with Mary and Joseph. My New Year’s resolutions have always involved knowing the Lord more in some respect, and he has always kept his/my resolution.

This year, for my New Year’s resolution, I prayed that the Lord would help me meet someone’s need. With Sasha’s adoption in process, I thought this was going to be the need that was met, that Sasha be adopted. God’s plans are greater than ours. The Lord was leading us to adopt Sasha, and through out the process, I would pray "How will this be?" This was the same question Zechariah and Mary asked the angel when told of their upcoming babies, John and Jesus, in Luke 1:34. The birth of Jesus would not happen the ordinary way, Jesus was to be a "holy offspring, the Son of God” (Luke 1:35). Just as Sasha was not going to be an ordinary adoption.

As this was all being revealed to me, I was listening to a Christian speaker on orphan care, and that orphan care did not necessarily mean adoption, but to meet the need of anyone involved with an orphan, be it adoption, or fixing a meal for an adopting family. This opened my eyes to what had occurred with us.

We went overseas to adopt Sasha, but God had a different plan for his family life, like he did for baby Jesus and Mary. God does not do things in expected ways. Like Jesus being born to a virgin, while betrothed to her groom. This was not the expected plan for having a family, but God’s ways supersede man’s best and worst intentions. Sasha said "nyet” (no) to our adoption, however, since then he has tried to contact us, has given us his phone number, and we will try calling him again tomorrow. He is back in our life again.

Our "son" in a situation that we had not planned, like Joseph and Mary, but nonetheless God’s purpose. We have a different "family" look; us here, and Sasha overseas. To me it is like the angel overshadowing Mary, and Jesus birth before Mary and Joseph’s marriage, a different "family" look. God asked us to trust Him despite our doubts. Our decision did not make sense to those around us. We trusted like Joseph did, we heard his voice and followed His will even when the way seemed difficult.

God has a special plan for Sasha’s life because, "For no word from God will ever fail" Luke 1:37. God blessed us through this process with companionship of awesome servants of God we met on our trip, just as God blessed Mary with Elizabeth’s companionship. Elizabeth was the first person in scripture to offer praise to Jesus, even while He was still in the womb.

And I will be the first to offer him praise for how he has answered my New Year’s prayer and resolution.

Praise be to God.