“Priceless”–Book Review

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  • 1.2 million children are trafficked every year; this is in addition to the millions already held captive by trafficking
  • The average age of a trafficked victim is 14 years old
  • By 2010 Sex Trafficking will be the #1 crime worldwide

We have all heard the statistics – sex trafficking is an enormous issue.  In recent years, the severity of this reality has slowly come out of the darkness and into the public eye.  I have even been in Eastern Europe and met some of the most vulnerable girls to this great crime.  I have know all this and yet was never truly impacted by the horror of this world… until I read Priceless by Tom Davis.

Amazon.comThis fiction novel follows the story of an American photojournalist who is visiting Russia on assignment.  He unexpectedly becomes involved in rescuing innocent young girls from the trap of a band of cruel predators.  It is his life he ends up risking in order to save these girls from a life of objectification, despair, and hopelessness.

This is one of the best books I have read in a long time!  I could not put it down.  I have been quoting the statistics for years – “90% of the children who graduate from Russian orphanages face a future of drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution, prison, or suicide” – but this book brought the reality of prostitution alive in a new way.  Although this is a fictional story, I know this is a very close resemblance of life for thousands of young girls across Russia and the CIS.  Tom Davis artfully weaves reminders throughout the book that this is a lethal spiritual battle driving this industry.  It left me frightened and disturbed, while still making my passion and burden for these girls grow.   To pray for them, advocate for them, connect them with forever families or some place that will protect them from the dangers that await them right outside the orphanage door.

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“Infinitely More”–Book Review

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What an incredible read! …especially for those with a heart for Russia, orphans, & life testimonies of God’s love and plans for the ‘least of these.’ 

Infinitely More is “The amazing true story of one Russian orphan’s search for meaning and purpose and the God who relentlessly pursued him” by Alex Krutov. 

I have known Alex for about 2 years and was in awe of his story since I first heard it through the bits and pieces he told me… but nothing compared to being able to read it in full in this book.

It begins at his birth and tells how he found in a dumpster, abandoned by his mother at only 3 days old and takes you on his journey of some bright days and many dark times in a maze of the Russian orphanage system.  Despite his periods of abandonment, isolation, neglect, failed adoption, living on the streets, and questioning the value of his life… it is evident that God was pursuing him.  He had a plan for Alex.  He ordained events and brought people to him at just the right time.  God’s hand in Alex’s life lifted him out of a hopeless and lonely life to one of great promise and anointing as he now ministers to orphaned children who come from that same dark place. 

What an incredible example of the way God loves, pursues, and can use anyone. He is able to do infinitely more than we can imagine!

Infinitely More is available on Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle versions: http://amzn.com/0982635346

For more information about Alex Krutov’s transition home ministry to orphanage graduates in Russia visit: http://www.theharborspb.org/

Though my father and mother forsake me,
The Lord will receive me.
Psalm 27:10

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