My blog has been quiet for 349 days! I can’t believe I’ve let this much time go by since my last post.  I think I am finally ready to get back at it… with this special announcement!

Over the past 8 months I have been working on creating an Etsy shop and I am proud to announce that it is officially open! I have some pieces that are ready to ship and other designs that can be customized just for you. Bookmark it for later, favorite the shop or items for your Etsy profile, or make a purchase and get the honor of being my first official customer!


I initially got the idea of doing some crafts to raise money for NHFC and other host families.  Once people saw the things I was making, they had some special requests and I began making custom orders.  And the more I searched, the more I realized that there are many forms of string art out there, but not many that are specifically designed with adoptive families in mind, so I decided to open up a shop!

And then I needed a name…  I remembered a quote that was on some of the literature at the adoption agency I used to work for and it just seemed to fit my heart perfectly… tying together the literal materials I used for crafting as well as the heart behind the craft.

“An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.”
Ancient Chinese Proverb

God knows the people we are meant to meet, the ones who are meant to be in our lives.  I have found this to be true, and yet so unbelievable, how God has changed me and the course of my life by the connections He made on missions trips, orphan hosting, and the lives I have seen saved through adoption. 

And it’s for those people that I have made my shop.  This shop is for anyone whose heartstrings connects them to another part of the world. Maybe you have been blessed with a child from another nation, or are longing to be with one in another land, it would be my pleasure to create a custom piece to honor your heart connection that cannot be broken.

Think about this. Wrap your minds around it.
This is serious business, rebels. Take it to heart.
Remember your history,
your long and rich history.
I am God, the only God you’ve had or ever will have—
incomparable, irreplaceable—
From the very beginning
telling you what the ending will be,
All along letting you in
on what is going to happen,
Assuring you, ‘I’m in this for the long haul,
I’ll do exactly what I set out to do,’
Calling that eagle, Cyrus, out of the east,
from a far country the man I chose to help me.
I’ve said it, and I’ll most certainly do it.
I’ve planned it, so it’s as good as done.
Isaiah 46:9-11 (MSG)