Fear of Fundraising


Let’s just get it out there – “Hi, my name is Jenelle, and I’m afraid of fundraising.”  There.  I said it.  The elephant in the room has been addressed. 

When I first committed to going on a missions trip to Ukraine this summer, there was not any hesitation in my mind.  This is something that I need to do.  I must do this for Sasha.  I must do this for my God who gave everything for me.

But now, reality has hit.  It’s time to get to work and actually make this thing happen.  Together my dad and I need to raise $4,000 plus several $1,000s more to go towards the building & ministry we are working with…. in less than 2 months. 

Now all these questions and doubts come to my mind:

-Where will this money come from?
-Everyone you know has their own financial needs to worry about.
-It’s hard enough to raise the money for 1 person, let alone 2 people.
-Everyday that passes just means the airfare will get more expensive.
-You can’t rely on people to keep helping pay for trips that you keep going on.
-It’s too late, you should have started doing this months ago.
-Everyone will just ignore your pleas for donations.
-Didn’t you just ask people for a ton of money for an adoption 1 year ago… that didn’t even work out?

…and honestly, fear sets in.  The easy thing to do would be to give into that fear, give up, back out, and not go.

But giving into fear is not going to please God.  Giving into fear is not going to give hope and future to orphans.  Giving into fear is not going to communicate to my forever Ukrainian brother in one huge (and possibly final) way that I will do everything in my power to show him he is loved.

And so here I am, ready to say ‘no’ to fear and ‘Use me Lord!’ to The One I know who will provide for my every need. 

Today starts a faith challenge for me, a challenge to trust God to provide $2,000 for me to get back to Ukraine, to build a place for orphans, and my brother, to call home.  I will not rely on other people to get me there, I will rely on God… God working through my believing brothers and sisters, to get me there. 

If you feel led to let the Lord use you to help me get to Ukraine, there are 2 things you can do:

  1. Download our Support Letter by clicking here and read how to give directly to our trip.
  2. Bid on something in my Facebook auction! It is a collection of items I have purchased new or ‘upcycled’ in a new crafting kick. In this auction, you type your bid in the comments and the highest bid on May 27th will be the winner! Get something for yourself, to decorate your kid’s room, classroom, homeschool room, or as a gift for someone who loves that part of the world! Click here to see items up for auction!

Cool stuff goes to the highest bidder!

Thank you for your support and prayers as God continues to grow my faith through this challenge!

For I am the Lord your God
who takes hold of your right hand
and says to you, Do not fear;
I will help you.
Isaiah 41:13 (NIV)


Destination: Ukraine!


Missions FlierYep! You read that right! I am headed to Ukraine!!! 

Ever since my parents left Ukraine last June, they have been in touch with a missionary who is in the same region as our Sasha.  My dad has gotten very involved with helping them with their mission of reaching the orphans in that part of Ukraine. Missions Flier3 The team of ministers there now not only visit the orphans in the orphanages, they also help adopting families traveling to the region, have a Christian church that is growing quickly, and a trade school for the older orphans. They are doing awesome things and God is blessing their ministry and giving them incredible favor with the children, orphanage directors, and even government officials!

My dad has been very involved in helping the ministry.  For  months now he has been planning to go over there this summer to help remodel a home for orphans who have aged-out of the orphanage.  I have been unsure about my summer plans up to this point, but God made it clear to me this week that he has given me this opportunity just at the right time

Only 10 months ago, my parents left Ukraine without the 16 year old son they had traveled there to adopt and bring home.  My dad & I meeting S for the first time - Dec 2010When they returned, we all wondered what would happen with Sasha alone in Ukraine.  Within a couple months, the missionaries opened their home for the first group of aged-out orphans… an answer to our prayers.  A transition/trade school can literally make the life or death difference for kids when they graduate from the orphanage.  And not just any kids… our Sasha and the friends who have become his family as he has grown up in the orphanage. 

This year has been Sasha’s last year living in the orphanage.  In June, he will graduate, and on August 31st he will be out on his own.  It is our prayer that God will bring him to this trade school.  A place where he can be safe, fed, educated, prepared well for adulthood, mentored by godly men, and learn more about Christ.  

To me, this trip is not just about visiting Ukraine and helping build a building.  It is about investing in lives… prayerfully the life of my long-distance brother. 

There are still spots open on the team! Wherever you are, you can join us!  See the info below. 

Info Sheet

Please be praying for my dad and I
as we prepare for an exciting journey! 
More updates coming soon on how you can help!

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.
John 14:18 (NIV)


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