Christmas Is…

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I feel like I have never been so prepared or looking forward to Christmas as I am this year.  When we hosted Sasha I was so looking forward to Christmas, but definitely not feeling prepared at all! 

Early in October, I was ready to listen to the carols, watch my favorite holiday movies, and start decorating.  I doubt it was the commercialism that got me in the mood, I think it as more that I have been thinking about the Christmas hosting program since August ended. 

To me, Christmas is about family and celebrating Christ’s birth with the ones you love.  It’s about love, family, and Jesus. 

And that is exactly what our orphans need… love, family, and Jesus.  So many people are already in the holiday spirit… the giving, the love, the generosity, the thoughtfulness.  I just can’t think of a better time to invite an orphan into your home.  To include them in the memory-making and the celebrating.  The children we serve have never had holidays like we celebrate them here. 

I just imagine my memories of sitting around the fireplace, opening presents, sharing laughs, waiting for Santa, reading the Christmas story with my family.  Do you think any of that can be replicated in an orphanage of 200 children?  Where there is 1 caregiver for every 10 children and no individual attention?  Where everything is sterile and not warm at all?  Where all are treated equally and therefore all get the same generic gifts?  That’s a Christmas far from the one I would desire as a child.

There are only 4 days left for 32 more host families to be found for orphans this Christmas.  Please, if you can give some love, family time, and Jesus to a child in need this holiday, please don’t hesitate!  Contact me or visit the NHFC website today!


Hosting Reflection #21–Safety

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Alone.  Neglected.  Abandoned.  Forgotten.  Vulnerable.  This is the life of millions of Sasha & some friends at their boarding schoolorphans around the world.  Most of them face the world on their own, or with the companionship of some siblings or close friends. 

They may find temporary refuge in a foster home, orphanage, shelter, empty home, abandoned car, under a bridge, near the town dump.  These places give them a place of protection for a while, but it surely is not enough to keep them safe for a lifetime.   Many of them still do not have a place they can call home. 

All lives, anywhere, have some kind of risk.  But the life of the orphan is consumed with constant risk.  Who is there to watch out for them, care for them, and protect them?  Their safety is at risk. Each orphans’ innocence, childhood, health,  heart, purity, self-esteem, future, life, soul… are all at risk. 

It’s a scary reality that many orphans face, especially in Eastern Europe.  Even in orphanages where they are supposed to be protected from the outside-world, they may face battles everyday.  Deceptive caregivers.  Threatening and abusive older orphans.  Temptations at a very early age to have sex, smoke, drink, or get high.  Lack of loyal individualized care that causes personalities to fade and hearts to atrophy.   Only hope for survival can be found in a life of crime or prostitution. 

Who will keep them safe?

Their greatest hope comes from the Lord.   He alone can provide the safety and rescue they need.  God’s promises are true, His strength is limitless, His arm is not too short to reach the most forgotten orphans.

God provides safe orphanages and foster homes.  He appoints and works through godly caregivers.  He calls believers to minister to orphans and feed their hungry souls.  He connects locals to mentor and support the children.  He sends workers to prepare orphans for successful adult life.  He equips host families to love these children in a life-changing way.  He commissions faithful families to adopt His precious children. 

Pray these things for the New Horizons orphans and those around the world.   I believe God will work through your prayers to make a difference in their lives!!!

You, LORD, will keep the needy safe
and will protect us forever from the wicked
Psalm 12:7

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